Cricket is a funny sport and offers you a lot of money once you make it to the big stage but it takes just a little bit of carelessness to lose it all. Some cricketers struck poverty because they were underpaid by their board while some saw it all go away as they misused their resources. here is a list of 5 cricketers who went from riches to rags …


1)        Matthew Sinclair – New Zealand

Sinclair had to work as a salesman in his after days.

Sinclair will always be remembered as the batsman who scored a double century on his Test debut.  After reaching this rare feat, Sinclair later made his ODI debut and amassed a total of 1304 runs from 54 outings in the 50-over format.

Sinclair chose to quit international and domestic cricket back in 2013. He then spent quite some time looking for a job. Sinclair’s lack of education affected his chances of grabbing a money making the job. He finally succeeded in getting the job of a real-estate salesman which provided food for his family since leaving cricket.

Last year, he came into limelight when a manhunt sparked after his wife called the police claiming he had run away with their two kids.

Sinclair was found with the kids a few blocks away at a restaurant.

 “The personal scene is very tough, There are few problems with my wife, I must say. We are trying to work things together. She has been a cricket widow for a long time taking care of our kids while I have been away and also, this entire financial situation. It’s not been easy for her or me. We are working at it.” Sinclair quoted.

2)        Chris Cairns – New Zealand

Cairns had to clean bus shelters in his after days.

He was one of the most gifted all-rounders the game could ever produce and was capable enough to hit some massive sixes into the stands at his own very well.

After calling it a day from the prestigious sport he started working as a diamond merchant in Dubai in 2010 and got engaged to an Australian named Mel Croser.

Two years later he made quite some money in a case when he sued former Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman Lalit Modi. He even came under the radar for match fixing and had to pay a lot of money in judicial proceedings.

He opted to clean bus shelters so that he could meet his requirements and provide his family with food. Later in 2014, he was charged with perjury in England.

Cairns as a cricketer was very successful and scored 3320 runs from 62 Tests claiming 218 wickets to his name.

3)        Paul Strang – Zimbabwe


Strang was suicidal after retiring from the sport.

Strang was a vital part of the Zimbabwean squad in the 90s and was famous for his off breaks and googlies. Politics affected his cricketing career and he was jailed. he even tried to suicide on a number of occasions and finally adopted yoga to divert his mind from all the ruckus.

Between the years of 1995 and 2001,  Strang claimed 56 wickets in 26 Tests and 46 wickets in 49 ODIs for Zimbabwe. He is presently a yoga teacher and traveling the whole world spreading his knowledge about yoga.

Strang in an interview in 2010 quoted “I found God and it changed my life. I was angry with myself, my country and my life. By the time my career fizzled out, the revolution took ground in Zimbabwe. It was a terrible time in our lives. I was a white man who believed in harmony, somebody who wanted to be a monk in the Himalayas before I got fascinated by cricket. But all that changed when our lands were taken away from us. My anger made me rebel against the law.”

4)            Graeme Pollock – South Africa

Pollock’s career had a short stint due to sporting isolation.

Pollock was a legendary South African left-handed batsman but his rising career was cut short by sporting isolation.

Just Two years ago Graeme Pollock faced a heavy financial crisis as he suffered losses close to 250,000 dollars when his business failed badly. Well, bad times didn’t stop for the South African batsmen as He was also diagnosed with colon cancer and Parkinson’s disease. All this led to more money being spent on his treatment. he became really poor and asked  BCCI for financial help.

“Financially, Graeme is fighting to keep the wolves from his door. It’s really sad to see someone who brought so much joy to cricket, in this position,” Pollock’s agent Basil O’ Hagan had quoted in an interview.

 5)  Adam Hollioake – England

Hollioake played for MMA in his after days.

He last featured for England in the year 1999 but continued changing English clubs till 2007.

Hollioake after his short stint in cricket moved to Australia look after his family business. There was a huge property boom in the country at that time and Adam made huge profits but Adam did not have a happy ending as the recession hit the world and his company lost financial stability.

The company was dissolved in 2009 and he was declared bankrupt.

Adam then diverted to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Hollioake played just four Test matches and 35 ODIs for England in which he had claimed a total of 34 wickets.

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