Nothing is more fierce than a man’s love for his woman. A man’s love is considered as deeply passionate and more sexually spirited as compared to a woman’s love. For the same reason, men often try to jump in bed while the relationship is still lingering in infancy. But seldom do they realise that the person they are taking to bed is really interested or not.

Here are some warning signs one should take notice before jumping intot the bed with a new girl-

1. She’s not comfortable about the idea of sex 

Men should take time and realise that whether the person they are going to make love is ready for it or not. If your girl is shy or feels uncomfortable beneath the sheets, it’s better to give her time.

2. She talks a lot about her ex

It’s perfectly fine to have a transparency in a relationship and have a healthy discussion about your past relationships. But things take a ugly turn when these topics are discussed on the love bed and especially if the girls do it. It’s a major turnoff for men to hear another man’s name on the love bed.

3. Her ideas of love are different from yours

She looks for a steady relationship, you look for a casual lovemaking session. Result- Your are doomed. It’s better to tell her about what’s running on your mind prior to taking her to bed.

4. She’s unresponsive

She unresponsiev towards your feelings. Feelings matter, even if it is for a one night stand.

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