It is a little confusing when it comes to understanding men, for they don’t share everything very easily. When in a relationship, they also have some expectations from their partners. They may not say it to you, but they also look forward to you for some things. Here are 5 things that men like and expect from their partners but may not share it with their girlfriends:


  1. Like women, men also want attention at times. They like it when their woman compliments them, pampers them. So, next time you meet him, let him know what he means to you, tell him he looks handsome and gets him his favorite perfume.
  2. Men like their girlfriend to be very honest in whatever they feel or think. They don’t like women who beat around the bush. Don’t shy away from sharing thoughts with your man. Don’t give him mix signals.
  3. He calms you down when you are upset. He expects the same from you. Whenever he is not in a good mood, hold his hands, kiss him, tell him that you will be there for him, always. He too needs emotional support from you.
  4. Men want their girlfriends to trust them. If they sense that you don’t trust them, they will start moving away from you. You need to constantly have to tell him that you trust him completely.
  5. He wants you to take the first move at times. He likes to cuddle up after a bad day. Just make the first move and his heart will melt away.
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