In this population of 7 million people, everyone is unique in its way… some are shy, some are extrovert…Some don’t bother how they look and some are obsessed with their beauty…

So here we are going to talk about the 6 zodiac signs which are vain by their personality…

  1. Pisces

When this ‘fish’ gets out of water, the first thing they do is to check themselves how they are looking. They are self-conscious and it’s a big part of their life. They go long way for their good looks. They seek your approval and almost do everything to get it.



  1. Aries

If you see a Aries, you can see their strength in their eyes. They carry beauty and strength together with themselves and leave a great impression on everyone. It’s the Aries woman who spends lot of time in touching up their makeup every time.  They are perfect for themselves and their beauty describes them beautifully.


  1. Taurus

Strong and determined is the person who born under this sign. They are charismatic and often times very seductive in their appearance. Their appearance made them self obsessed. Also they love to get attention from everyone. It will be the Taurean you’ll see taking many selfies but don’t think of disturbing them in between their selfie session, you will be simply avoided and ignored by them, because for them there looks are at the top of the priority.


  1. Cancer

Those with Cancer as their zodiac sign will blow up your mind. One minute you’ll think that your cancer friend is the most humble person on this planet but on the other second they will show their real face which is not at all a good one. They wait for you to notice them and appreciate their ‘superior’ beauty.


  1. Leo

Leo is one of the vainest zodiac sign. When anything they hear about pride, they think of themselves. Leo is vain and loves it. Leo may need constant affirmation for their beauty and ability.


  1. Libra

Libra is quiet in getting attention for their looks but they are hell serious when it comes to your reaction. They will be the first one to send their pictures to you as “just for fun.” Libra wants approval and appreciation whether they act like they don’t need at all.

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