Everything fades through time. Be it any sort of relationship, it all slips away no matter how hard you try to cling. Love will come when it has to and will leave when it must.
People fall out of love with time but the best way to lessen the damage is to own up to it. When you realize that your heart doesn’t paces when they come close to you or you don’t feel the butterflies in your stomach when they hold your hand, it’s time to let go my friend!

1. You don’t get excited for dates

The idea of meeting them doesn’t excite you anymore or you don’t feel the urge to see them frequently. All your coffee dates or movie dates have become a past and you prefer hanging out with your friends instead.

2. Cute habits have become annoying

All her habits that you once found adorable have started to bother you. Her humming sound, her getting angry over silly things have started to irritate you and you feel like screaming at the top of your lungs but you somehow control – um, we have a problem here.

3. Disconnection
You don’t feel that magical connection anymore. Gone are those days when you both got along on everything. From favourite movies to your future plans, you both settled for the same things.

4. More fights

You dig for reasons to fight when earlier you used to avoid fighting. No matter how intense the fight gets, you don’t feel like addressing the issue and fixing the problem.

5. You don’t get jealous
A bit of insecurity and jealousy are healthy for a relationship. How you don’t mind him hanging out with random girls compared to how only the thought of him being with another girl used to make you feel uncomfortable tells how much you’ve grown out of this relationship.
6. You don’t imagine him in your future plans
When you start associating yourself with some other guy , you know your love has died.
You also start looking for hot or cute guys on social media or even public places.

7. The relationship has become a routine
You know you love someone if hugging them makes you feel better no matter how hard your day was. But, if that doesn’t comfort you anymore then trust me honey, it’s time for you to pack your bags and move.
There is nothing worse than a mundane week when you don’t have anything to look forward to.

So, know when it’s over and move on. Holding on to things that don’t even belong to you hurts, hurts bad.

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