Indian Women are most of the time bad at expressing in Love and so it may be bad for a relationship sometimes. They themselves want all the love, attention and pampering and so they should know that they are also expecting the same. Here are some of the ways which can help you in making your man happy. Have a look:

Praise: Praise is like a candy for everyone. If you love and think that you deserve to be praised, he also expects the same. Don’t let him down. Praise him whenever you he looks or does well.

Love: Don’t hide your feelings, after all he is your other half. Keep telling him that you love him. Show that with your little gestures such as hugging, leaning upon him, holding hands etc.

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Make him feel special: Celebrate his special occasions so that he feels special and knows that you too are attentive towards his special days.

Cook for him: Food is considered to be every man’s weakness. Target his taste buds by cooking his favourite dishes. He is definitely going to love you for your efforts.

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Respect him: We all need respect. Ups and downs are a part of every relationship and so everyone speaks shit when pissed off. But make sure you never cross the line. Never make him feel disrespected with your words.

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