Kareena Kapoor has gone Live with her nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar and we now have a number of diet secrets from the bag of this actress. She even spoken about a number of mistakes that people make while trying to lose weight.

Let’s have a look at some of her secrets.

  1. Rujuta allows the actor to consume only two cups of coffee a day. And in Kareena’s own words,”And, the rule is that coffee can never be the first thing I have in the morning. I have to begin the day with a fruit,”.

  1. Kareena had a tall glass of milk at night and her diet consisted of vegetarian meals, including dals(pulses), khichdi and fresh fruits. Kareena shared,”Portion control is crucial. During my pregnancy, sometimes I had hunger pangs or was tired and my blood pressure dropped. I’m sure it happens to many expecting mothers. Rujuta gave me a list of home remedies that energised instantly. I’d have these and feel much better right away. What really worked for me, I found, was gud(jaggery) with ghee,”

  1. Rujuta cleared the calorie count confusion. She said,”The safest and most sensible thing to do is to focus on eating wholesome food – fresh, local and home cooked. This is what the latest nutrition science is talking about. Making food-based guidelines and not nutrient or calorie-based guidelines. This is the path Kareena followed too – eating home cooked regular khana,”

  1. Kareena couldn’t stop herself from sharing this crucial information. ” I learnt that in one pregnancy, a woman loses five years worth of calcium from her body. So don’t give up on the milk either. I love milk, and would often enjoy a spoon of ghee(clarified butter) with bajra rotis too,” ,she said.

  1. And to clear the myth once and for all Rujuta emphasised when she said,”Women complain about not being able to get rid of stubborn fat from areas like their stomach, hips or thighs. But, dairy is not to blame — in fact, it helps you burn fat from those very parts. You have to eat fat to burn fat.”


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