Parineeti Chopra was a part of the dream team that included stars like Varun, Arjun, Katrina, Alia and many more. Parineeti revealed that she had never tasted alcohol in the past and as good friends Alia and Aditya made her taste some while they were on the tour.

Parineeti was on the podcast with Neha Dhupia on #NoFilterNeha when she made this crazy revelation. Getting candid on the show, Parineeti recalled, “It was the end of Dream Team and Alia and Aditya and Varun and me, everybody was partying. Sid and Katrina had already left. So, four of us we went to this club and everybody was like today Pari has to drink and I’m like no guys, I don’t drink alcohol so it’s not going to happen. This is like 10 months ago. They were like no, no, you have to drink. A couple of my other friends and Alia and Aditya and everybody they all said okay, we’re all going to do jäger bombs and they made one jäger bomb for me and I said okay cool I’ll have it. I hate the taste of it, I hate the smell but I’ll do it and I had it and 15 mins later they were like – anything?! I was like no, nothing, I’m fine. Like, see, there’s no point of alcohol in life and lalala. And they were like you gotta do another one and they gave me a second one.”

She also confessed that she danced endlessly the whole night after getting high. Pari said, “Neha, I have danced till 6 a.m. the next day, I have gone down to the lobby and hugged everyone, I’ve given so much love and the next day I’ve woken up like WOW, that was so much fun! I want to do this again. And there started my alcohol lifestyle.”

Well Parineeti, it’s okay to enjoy some alcohol with friends but don’t get addicted to it!!

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