Women’s sexuality has always been a taboo, especially in a country like India. Whenever we talk about female sexuality, the topic of female orgasm holds utmost importance. There are certain words that can escalate a woman’s orgasm.

‘I want to give you all the pleasures’

A woman would generally expect her partner to give the top priority to her receiving orgasm. She would definitely like her partner to ensure an orgasm.

‘What do you want me to do’

A woman would like to ask her partner about her likes and dislikes in bed while making love. She would like her beloved to be clear about what she is comfortable with.

‘I like how you taste’

There are many women who shy away from her oral sex because they have several thoughts in mind about how they smell and taste down there. This will help her feel sexy and more confident.

‘I love looking at your body’

This is the sentence which can lead to many a happy encounter. A woman would expect her partner to love her just the way she is.

‘I love you’

Just say it! This is a kind of catch-all sentence that satisfies her very much!

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