Mandana Karimi’s marriage stood out as truly newsworthy when she documented an aggressive behavior at home objection against her better half. Yet, things have changed now as Mandana has pulled back the dissension and said,  “I intend to save my marriage and am not desirous of any monetary gains from my in-laws”.

In her application looking for withdrawal of the objection, recorded through Advocate Taubon Irani, Mandana specified that Gaurav had passed on that on the off chance that she needed to have any exchange, she would need to pull back the procedures. A report in a leading tabloid says that Mandana needs to live with her significant other and wishes for her own assets and canine to be come back to her “The complainant wishes to withdraw the complaint without prejudice to her rights and contentions so as to salvage her marriage,” the application reads.

In his reaction, Gaurav negated the charge that he had put the condition before her to pull back the procedures. He said, “I don’t have any of her personal belongings and she could take her dog, provided the service apartment where she is now staying allows her to keep a pet and does not start claiming expenses for the dog.”

Mandana responded, “I am not doing this to clarify my position or justify certain steps I was compelled to take to protect myself physically and emotionally. I never intended to, in the past, nor at any point in the future, get into a union with Gaurav for monetary gains. That he, of all people, should misinterpret my intentions, a man I intended to spend the rest of my life with and start a family with would stoop so low as to stand against me instead of with me, is equally devastating.”


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