An existence with a control crack can’t in any way, shape or form be a luxurious situation. Your accomplice may be wearing the tag, ‘control crack’, like a symbol of respect, yet you could unquestionably be in a bad way. Unless his controlling conduct is achieving furious statures, here’s the means by which you can adapt to the issue delicately and adequately:

On the off chance that he is controlling your accounts, quit being sluggish. Deal with your own particular riches or get an organizer.


In the event that he’s always nit-picking, you can tenderly call attention to, he has defects as well. Remind him, to fail is human


On the off chance that he keeps you from purchasing things, shop more, till he gets the message


On the off chance that he requests that you quit hanging out with your companions, make him join your pack


On the off chance that he requests to know whom you are investing energy with when you’re not with him, give him more love. PDA is suggested


On the off chance that he demands keeping your archives conveniently in his file organizer, get your own bureau and bolt it


In the event that he needs to continue everything in the house precisely where he abandons it, well, simply abandon it!


In the event that he requests passwords to your email/web-based social networking accounts, put your foot down. Clarify that it’s a matter of security


In the event that he checks your telephone for call logs and messages, handle the issue head on. Put to rest his apprehensions of getting double-crossed

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