Bigg Boss season 11 is turning out to be one of the most loved shows as the contestants are making it entertaining for the audience. However, amid all the controverises, many contestants are having a tough time surviving inside the Bigg Boss house. Recently, Hina Khan was seen crying after Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani abused her. While crying she also said that she was missing her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal.

Rocky recently in an interview shared how bad he is feeling to see Hina like this. He said, “I was absolutely disheartened to see Hina like that especially because of a few people like Arshi Khan, Bandagi Kalra, Puneesh Sharma and Akash.”

“She is that ways a very strong person but she cannot take it when someone tries to corner her, she fights back. The biggest problem is everybody is targeting after planning against Hina. Noone from Hina’s team stood the way she stood. Moreover, she has been managing everything on her own.” “She has no one for support. Arshi has instigated everybody and manipulated everybody against Hina and has spread the filth. She is a smart woman and has been doing this all her life even outside the house. She understands how to attack and garner attention. She’s done the same outside with a few other celebs.”

Rocky shared what he feels about Arshi and Akash, “A few inmates understand the game that she is playing and deliberately be a part of it. Akash is no fool or a kid like, people assume him to be. He too changes sides within seconds after seeing where things are working in his favour. He too sees things and understands it all.”

Rocky also said that Hina has not experienced anything like this before and she isn’t understanding how people are playing with her. After what happened with Hina yesterday, Rocky said that he broke down too. He said, “I broke down seeing Hina cry yesterday. I could feel what she was going through. Her parents are very simple and they do not understand how people play games but I do understand all that. When she broke down, I understood that she wanted some air to breathe. She did not want to cry infront of people and give them a chance again to call her a cry baby. This has all happened because of Arshi’s words. She started putting words into people’s mind of how Hina is a cry baby.”

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