After Vikas Gupta-Shilpa Shinde controversy, the actress seems to have found a new enemy in none other than her professional rival Hina Khan.

During a Bigg Boss task, When Shilpa Shinde was asked to read out the protocols of the particular task given to Hina. But the actress is not well versed with the english Language. To this Hina was unable to understand the task properly, she took the rule book in her hands and started to read it loud. This make Shilpa angry.

In a anger, Hina was heard saying that her proficiency over English is better than Shilpa’s and that she should not attempt in trying the language if not well-versed.

Ex BB winner Gauauhar Khan took to Twitter to express her views on the same. She wrote, “Kya padhna naa aana koi buri baat hai??? Agar aapko angrezi nahi aati are u uneducated ?? Hmmmmmmmm.”

Well, this is just a fourth day of the housemates inside the house and the groupism is already started.

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