When you are in a relationship, you are expected to do things together. Just like an organization needs all its team members to work together and make it reach heights, a relationship too demands the efforts to be put in by both the partners to make it work. There are times when one partner in a relationship fails to meet his or her responsibilities and puts in minimum efforts to keep it going. As a result, the burden then gets shifted to the other partner, who is forced to put in extra efforts in order to maintain the relationship.

Are you one of those partners? Do you also feel that you are in a relationship where it is only you who is doing all the work? If yes, then you should definitely take a back step.

Scroll down and take a look at these signs that tell that you are giving excessively in your relationship.

You do things according to his convenience

You are the one who is constantly making all the compromises and putting in extra efforts just to keep it going. This happens because he is never ready to make any alterations in his busy schedule. He will only meet or call you if it is convenient for him, else don’t even think that you exist for him. And when he tells you that he would call you in a minute, you know it is only you who’ll end up calling him again.

He is never available when you need him

While you never say no to him and are always available when he needs you, but in return, he is nowhere to be seen when you are in need. In fact, most of the times he doesn’t even know what all is going on in your life because he is just too busy.

You are the one who always takes all the blames

You become the sole reason for all the fights that happen between you and him. He is never ready to accept his mistake and is always blaming you for all the wrong reasons. But this certainly isn’t a good sign. You should make him realise about his mistakes come what may. If you’ll fail to do that, he’ll only take advantage of that and you’ll remain to be the one who gets blamed all the time.

You are not coordinated with his life

While you have introduced him to all your friends and family members, but when it comes to him, he is never ready. He only ends up making one excuse or the other when you ask him to tag him along for a party with his friends.  If you feel bad about being treated this way, you should definitely take a stand against this. Tell him that you too hold equal rights of knowing all the other important people of his life.

You end up handling all the issues for him

From his family issues to his professional issues at work, you have to help him resolve them all. It is completely okay for you to take initiative in solving things or issues with your partner but when it comes to helping him handle his issues with his family members or colleagues, it gets way too much. You are not the one who is responsible for handling all this. He should be doing it on his own.

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