When it comes to taking care of our weight, we can go on to our extremes and do almost anything and everything to reduce or maintain it. But at times, even when we are doing our bit, we still fail to figure out as to why we are only gaining weight.

What if we tell you that the reason behind it is nothing but certain bad habits that are making you gain weight again and again.

Don’t stress your mind too much and take a look at these 7 bad habits that are probably making you fat. Scroll down to read.

Not having breakfast

One should never miss his or her breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. After you wake up from a deep slumber, your body demands something to keep you active all day long. And that something is a healthy breakfast that includes a good amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins. Skipping your morning meals will only keep you lazy all day long and diminish your metabolism to perform the various activities for the day. Also, if you are thinking that skipping your breakfast will help you get slim in lesser time, then you are completely mistaken.  Not having anything for breakfast will only make you consume more during your lunch time and as a result, you’ll only get fat.

Eating in bigger dishes

Do you have a habit of eating in bigger dishes? And because of this habit of yours do you ever feel that at times you eat more than what you wish to? If yes, then you should probably mend your eating ways. This type of mindless eating is not good for your body in long run. A study conducted by Cornell University revealed that the larger the bowl or plate one eats from, the more they consume. So, the first thing that you need to do is discard your habit of eating in bigger bowls. This way you’ll only be restricted to smaller dishes and smaller portions. Also, never eat directly from a container or a packet. Try emptying some portion of it in a small dish and then eat.

Eating late at night

Knowing what you should eat is not the only thing that matters. When you eat it is also that matters. Eating late at night does no good for your body. It only makes you grow fat. At night, your body is in a rest mode and it gets difficult to digest more and more food at that time. And as a result, what you eat at night gets accumulated in your body in the form of fat. This is why it is suggested to eat light at night. Prefer having fruits like apple, orange or papaya at night instead of having some solid food that doesn’t get easily digested.

Munching snacks all the time

Who doesn’t like binging on savoury dishes and snacks like Chaat paapdi, Gol Gappe, Bhelpuri, Samosas etc? It is almost everyone’s favourite. But having these on a regular basis can again help you put on some more weight. These snacks have got high-calorie content in them which are not good for your body. It can lead to digestion issues in your body. So, always think twice before you eat.  Replace them with other healthy options like air-popped popcorns, yogurt, dry fruits, hummus, carrot and cucumber slices etc.

Eating more when emotional

It is believed that when people are emotionally low, they tend to eat more than what they usually do. This especially happens with women when they are on their period. The different mood swings and sudden cravings have no end. They can completely go on eating and even finish an entire ice cream bucket on their own. But this certainly isn’t good for your body. The best way to distract yourself from food at this time is to do something else that probably makes you happier.

Not able to get proper Sleep

Another bad habit that makes us secretly gain weight is sleeping late at night or not being able to get enough sleep. After eating and performing all the physical activities all day long, our body demands rest. But when we fail to meet this requirement, the food that we have had the entire day doesn’t get digested properly. And as a result, we have to face major health gain and weight issues. No matter what it takes, we should always provide our body at least 8 hours of sleep to regain the much-required energy.  Make it a habit to go to bed early and get adequate sleep.

Eating Too Quickly

Some people don’t chew their food properly and are always in a hurry while eating. If you are one of those, it’s time for you to stop committing this mistake ever again.  When you don’t chew your food properly, it gets difficult to digest your food which can further stress your pancreas too. Also, you might even end up gaining some weight. So, make it a habit that you eat slowly and only take smaller bites.

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