Break-ups are not easy and they are even worse when you are the one who has been dumped. After the breakup, it seems like someone just turned off the lights. You suddenly start liking the black color and want to kill people. You also know that the pain or damage is irremediable. People do stupid things during this phase because a strong bond, a connection is broken. But no matter how hard it is for you to resist, there are certain things you should never do after a breakup.


Don’t avoid your grief as it will hold you back from finding a more fulfilling relationship.


Don’t second-guess your decision. Trust the person you were in the moment when you made the decision to end it because problems were already there in your relation.



Don’t get too dramatic that “you are going to die within 10 days and all” just move forward and focus on finding new activities and make yourself busy.



“Every disappointment is a learning experience” when you start dating again, be sure to avoid the mistakes that you made in your last relationship.


Don’t get stuck with your past. “Dig up your emotional, personal and financial life together as soon as you can”, Try things you would never have done before, or things you’ve always wanted to do.”


Don’t isolate yourself. “Gather your loved ones around you as you need support.” Even if you don’t think you feel ready to see people spend time with your closest friends and family members.



Stop blaming yourself for everything that went wrong in the relationship.


Don’t dare to hang out only with couples right after the break-up and feel sorry for your state.



The important things to remember are that there are people there for you and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and ways to help you get there. You have to understand that getting over a break up seems unachievable but it’s just about the matter of time.

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