Bigg Boss 11 is full of twists and turns. And the biggest twist for us this Christmas Eve was Arshi Khan’s eviction from the house. The ouster of Arshi Khan from Bigg Boss 11 has sent shock-waves across fans. Especially after it was told that she has emerged as the most googled entertainer after Sunny Leone of the country in 2017, it was not expected that she would get evicted this early. While most of the fans saw her competing in the top 5, but it seems that God had a different plan for her.

Apart from her fans, Arshi’s eviction from the Bigg Boss house came as a shock to her too. Expressing her disappointment, in an interview with an esteemed daily, Arshi said, “I really don’t understand if I was so popular and driving force of the house then how could I not receive votes? It was unexpected. I even told the makers of the show and Salman Khan the same thing.” She further added saying, “But nothing can be done now and I have no complains. I had an incredible time in Bigg Boss. And I would love to go back to the house [as a wild card contestant] and play the game again. I wanted to win the show. I had so much more to do. I was telling my manager that I hope they send me inside the house again in January. Even my parents thought that at least I will be one among the top three finalists.”

On being questioned about who was playing the game the right way and deserves to win the show, Arshi took Vikas Gupta’s name and said, “He is using his brain to play the game. Vikas was my closest friend in the house, he always kept his promise. Hina [Khan; actor] was playing the game well before but now she is not and is mostly seen in her bed relaxing. Shilpa is also good, rest we don’t even consider as players, especially Puneesh [Sharma] and Akash [Dadlani]. But then agar main vote out ho sakti hoon toh koi bhi Bigg Boss jeet sakta hain,”

When Arshi was asked to comment on her relationship with Hiten Tejwani in the house, she went ahead to say, “We had a very cute relationship. We have never sat near each other or shared any private time. We haven’t even hugged each other. He never used to come and sit on my bed. I also maintained the same. People used to go and sit on his bed, but me? Never. Gauri also used to like our chemistry and she only asked me to continue it. I always respected him and will keep doing so. I know Hiten will not need me but in case he ever needs my help, I will always be there for him.”

The controversial queen, who recently got eliminated from the Bigg Boss house, has already wrapped up shooting for another reality show, “Entertainment Ki Raat”.

Talking about what she is planning to do next, she revealed, “I will party with other Bigg Boss contestants, they have been messaging me. Sabyasachi [Satpathy], Benafsha [Soonawalla], Bandgi [Kalra], among others, will be there. Hiten [Tejwani] is in Goa and Mehjabeen [Siddiqui] in Delhi, they won’t be able to make it. I am also looking at acting projects on both TV and films, let’s see what opportunities I get. Aab to sirf kaam karna hain.”

Well, we wish Arshi all the good luck and may this New Year turn out to be good to her.

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