Earlier, we have come through the confessions of the contestants in the Bigg Boss House. Different contestants have made confessions related to them in the house. The confessions made by them were sometimes horrific and sometimes interesting. Well, we all are aware that the House contains more than 150 cameras that capture every single corner of the house. Sometimes the personal time of the contestants is also invaded by the cameras.

It’s always a matter of wonder for the fans of Bigg Boss that how the contestants inside the house groom themselves especially the celeb contestants who have their own personal makeup artist, hair artist, stylist. Well, once Salman showed the unseen video in ‘Weekend ka vaar’ where housemates help each other to get ready. Talking about one of the creepy videos of the show Priyank Sharma took a dig on the mastermind of the house, Vikas Gupta.

The incident happened when Vikas Gupta stepped out of the washroom and was washing hand where Priyank came and asked him whats happening, he didn’t hear the sound of the flush. Vikas tried to change the topic of conversation after ignoring him but Priyank stood in between of his way and didn’t let him go. After that Priyank suspectly went inside the washroom to look around, where Vikas ask Priyank ‘What does he think, what he has done inside?’. In reply, Priyank gives a mysterious nought wink to which Vikas reply:

“I swear on anyone, ki jabse maine enter kia hai is ghar ke andar, tabse only one time (since the time I have entered this house, I have done it only once).”

At the time of conversation, Shilpa was standing near them, she heard all the conversations and later she discussed it with Puneesh. After watching a video it seems that Vikas was caught red-handed, What you all think about it?

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