Thinking about the coming year? And still confused with the plan? So, what about planning a trip all by yourself? Ever thought of this? Of planning a solo trip!!

Yes!! Yes!! You’ve heard it right! So, girls pack your bags and get ready, as today we’ll talk about all the things you need to keep in mind while travelling solo. All of us wants to do something that is never done before. And solo trip is something that all of you would love to experience. And why not? Who doesn’t want to explore the world all alone?

One important thing to keep in mind, before starting your Queen’s trip is that you need to be blank. Leave behind all the tensions and just look forward with your journey. Dedicate this trip to yourself, pamper yourself as much as you can, leave the world behind and try to explore new things.

Another best part about travelling alone is that, its all about you. You get to know a lot about yourself. You can explore the weirdest of yourself by this trip. You’ll have no one to worry about, no one to poke you…only you will be there.

Travelling alone won’t be easy (as it sounds). This is because you need to plan everything on your own, from taking care of the bookings to managing your luggage. The most important thing is to decide the destination-where the trip needs to start and where it needs to end. List out the places of your favorite places and the no. of days of the trip. Try to keep in mind that the places should be of different categories- for instance a hilly area for a perfect winter feel is must, or a beach side for a beautiful sunset and sunrise, or some other historical place to give you proper history feels.

Packing is another big thing to deal with, as you need to be smart. Try to pack clothes that you can mix and match. Go with layering, as this is the best you can do with your clothes.


While planning a solo trip, just keep in mind few things:

  • Boost yourself as travelling alone won’t be easy
  • Be prepared for all the situations
  • Make sure your bookings are done before time.
  • Don’t forget to keep your safety tools like-pepper spray
  • Try being as much handy as you can (you cannot afford to carry heavy bags every time)
  • Make sure u make an itinerary before you leave (do keep a copy of it with your close one-to keep a check)
  • Make a list of all places where you would love to visit.

Last but not the least, you should surely keep a journal to records all your travels. So, don’t wait girls, because its already too late to plan a solo trip.

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