Like every time, this time too two contestants fell in love with each other in the Bigg Boss house. And those contestants are none other than Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra. While Puneesh is still in the game, Bandgi got evicted in the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

After Bandgi got evicted from the house last week, Puneesh was seen getting emotional as he was missing her. While other housemates tried to cheer him up, Arshi Khan, on the other hand, made fun of him and even said that he was acting like a ‘majnu’.

In a recent unseen video published by Voot, it was seen that the inmates were discussing about Puneesh and Bandgi’s relationship. The discussion started when Vikas went on to disclose that Bandgi and Puneesh were initially faking their love to stay in the game but eventually fell in love with each other in real. Everyone started speculating about how their future would be as a couple outside the Bigg Boss house.

Even Puneesh’s once close friend, Akash Dadlani went on to advice him that he should talk to his family about his relationship with Bandgi once he goes out of the house. Vikas then interrupted in between and asked Puneesh if he would have a live-in relationship with Bandgi post this show, to which Shilpa added on by teasing him that he was already in a live-in relationship with Bandgi in the Bigg Boss house. After hearing this Puneesh quickly gave a reply to Shilpa by saying that he has already been in live-in relationships but this was the biggest one he has ever had in his entire life and that too with so many people. Check out this video to get more clarity on what exactly happened.

Watch here.


Well, it looks like Puneesh didn’t get affected by Shilpa’s comment or maybe he was only pretending to have not got affected by it. Afterall, at this point of time, Shilpa is the only contestant who is fully supporting Puneesh and he knows that if he will be with her, his chances of getting evicted from the show will reduce. What do you have to say about it? Is Puneesh only pretending to be Shilpa’s good friend? Is this one of his tactics to remain in the game for long? Share your views in the comment section and keep watching this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 11.

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