Swaragini on-screen character Namish Taneja as of late uncovered that he has been seeing someone 6 years. The performing artist is dating Aanchal Sharma, who is seeking after her graduation, which happens to be one of the principle reasons he kept the relationship a mystery. He stated:

“Aanchal is not from the entertainment industry and was pursuing graduation. I didn’t want to create unnecessary trouble for her by making our relationship public – it might hamper her studies. I am a protective boyfriend and I don’t want to make her personal life hell just because she is dating an actor”.

Aww, that is sweet! Namish simply needed his better half to complete her graduation with no diversions because of him. He additionally uncovered that his romantic tale is very dingy as it was kinda all consuming, instant adoration: 

Jaisa filmon mein hota hai, waisa hua tha hubahu. When I saw her leaving the restaurant, I went up to her and asked her if she’s on any social networking site. She got baffled and said no. I then requested her to share her number with me. Though she tried to give me a wrong number, she is so innocent that she ended up giving the right one. A few days later, I started sending messages to her and after a lot of struggle, I managed to convince her for a meeting. We gradually became friends and a year later, I told her that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Fortunately, she accepted my proposal.”

Look at this beautiful arrangement Namish posted on Twitter:

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