There is no doubt in this that breasts are the most attractive part of a woman’s body. And it may be hard to believe but it is true that women too love their boobs as much as the men do. Almost every woman in this world longs to have the perfect pair of two but there are only a few who are fortunate enough to get them in real. And those who don’t have fuller and bigger boobs often make a mistake by opting for a surgery to get their size increased.

If you too are thinking of getting a surgery done, get that thought out of your head.

You don’t always have to go under the knife to get bigger breasts because you can easily increase your breast size naturally. Now you might be wondering what that natural way is.

Well, here are 5 effective ways that can surely help you in enhancing the size of your breasts in no time and too without any surgery. Scroll down and give a quick read:


This is undoubtedly the best way to improve your breast size naturally. Apart from making you feel fit and healthy, exercising is also an inexpensive and effective way to increase the size of your breasts. When you do some breast exercise, your pectoral muscles, that are located just under your breasts, are targeted. These muscles when repeatedly exercised result in making your breasts perky and firm. Slowly and gradually you’ll notice a difference in your size. Best chest exercises to enlarge your breasts are Planks, Push-ups, Wall press and Chest press. Try searching for the video tutorials of these exercises online and perform them at home on a regular basis.

Good food

What we eat every day definitely has an effect on our body. While eating healthy food can result in making our skin glow, regular intake of junk food on the other hand only deteriorates your skin. Similarly, eating excess of junk food isn’t good for the health of our breasts too as it can lower the level of estrogen in our bodies. And lower level of estrogen hormone can result in smaller breasts. This is why women with smaller breasts are suggested to have phytoestrogen or plant estrogen-rich foods. Sesame seeds, Flax seeds, Dried apricots, Cashews, Walnuts, Pistachios, Beetroots, Peas, Carrots, Cucumber, Plums, Chickpeas, and Beans are some of the foods that are rich in phytoestrogen. White wine also contains a good amount of phytoestrogen. Incorporate these foods into your diet. You can also include foods that are rich in vitamin C as they help in restoring Collagen. Collagen is a protein which can give your breasts a better shape and hold them upright.

Massage your breasts

Massaging is yet another natural way to enlarge your breasts. When you massage your boobs the blood circulation in your chest area improves which further results in making the health of your breasts better. By doing this, you will not only be able to make your breasts bigger but also make your skin soft and smooth. However, there is always a right way of doing everything. and when you decide to massage your breasts, make sure you apply the oil on your breasts and rub them in a circular motion. Try to move your hands over your chest from the outside to the middle of your body. Repeat the same activity for at least 15 minutes every day and you will see the difference in a few days.

Wear the right sized bra

In order to make your breasts appear beautiful, the first thing that you need to do is get the right sized bra. Wearing an ill-fitted bra will only make your breasts sag. And we’re sure that you certainly don’t wish to have a saggy pair. So, if your bra is not able to give enough support to your boobs, discard it and get a new one of bigger size. You will not only feel comfortable but more confident too. Also, wearing the correct size of bra during puberty is important in order to promote the growth of the breasts.

Check your posture

Your body posture plays an important role in making your breasts appear bigger or smaller. This is why we were repeatedly asked during our childhood days to walk straight and not keep our back bent while walking. But don’t worry you can improve your body posture even now by doing some hardcore back exercises on a regular basis. This would result in making your breasts appear just the way you want them to.


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