Bigg Boss 11 has so far been the most dramatic season of all. It has seen some of the major fights of the season in the first week itself. Relations between the contestants of the house change every other day. The show which opened with good numbers is now witnessing foes becoming friends and vice-versa. Popular television faces, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta, who were at loggerheads earlier, have started sharing co-ordial relationship ever since the two patched up inside the house couple of weeks back.

The two have turned out to be such great friends that Vikas even destroyed one of his favorite hoodies to save Shilpa from getting nominated and even convinced her to work with him once they are done with the reality show. And since that day, their equation has only got better and the two are supporting each other like never before.

But this isn’t all!! What Vikas did for Shilpa recently is something that only a true friend does. Shilpa was almost going to experience a wardrobe malfunction on national television yesterday, but her new friend came to her rescue and saved her from all the embarrassment.

Here’s exactly what we are talking about:

In the latest unseen video that was shared on Voot, we saw that Vikas Gupta, Puneesh Sharma, and Shilpa Shinde were discussing about a task in the living area. Shilpa was telling Puneesh how much she loves herself and that would never do something that would probably harm her, to which Puneesh replied saying that he only takes part in a task to win. Continuing their conversation, As Shilpa went ahead to tell Puneesh that she would not be able to accept it if her doctor recommends her to not have non-vegetarian food, she lost her balance and slid down the sofa, and her dress rose up her thighs. Before anything could get revealed, she asked Vikas for help and he adjusted her skirt on time. Puneesh also stood up and helped her immediately.

Check out the video here:

LOL! Isn’t it ridiculously hilarious?

Thanks to Vikas, who came to her rescue else they wouldn’t have been laughing as hard as they are in the video.

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