Once you have been in the dating game for quite a while, you know that there are a lot of players out there who are just in it till they find someone new. Every time this happens, you might be left heartbroken and after a while, you are just frustrated.

Many guys might even claim how they were previously a player but have now changed because they want a girl they could be real with. But how to know whether he’s telling the truth or just laying his trap?

Here are a few ways you can find out whether he’s a player or a keeper.

He’s good-looking

Now, this is obviously not a necessity but most guys who are players happen to be good-looking. Since they get a lot of attention from the opposite sex without even trying, they just go with the flow. For them, it’s about how many girls they can trap and not about how long can they be with someone.

He has had a crazy past

If a guy has a long list of exes, he is probably a player. Guys who look for serious relationships would not have so many girls in the past so if it is otherwise, you know he’s not a keeper.

He is smooth and charming

A guy who genuinely likes a girl would normally be a little nervous and might even do stupid things as a consequence of failed attempts to impress you. So if this guy is smooth and confident, he is a player who is playing you as a challenge to win.

He’s occupied on his phone even around you

Girls this is a major red flag because if he is busy on his phone all the time even around you, he is cheating on you. A player has many girls hooked around all the time which means that you are nothing special to him. If he smiles each time he sees a new message or goes to another room to answer a call, he has things he’s not telling you.

He has a bad reputation

If everyone around has something bad to talk about him, it’s not because they are jealous of him or you, it’s because they know the catch. They know the kind of person he actually is and are just trying to warn you.

He doesn’t remember details about your life

If he doesn’t remember what you’ve told him a million times by now, it might be because he has too many details to remember about too many girls. Don’t you think?

He doesn’t go public with you

Whether it is some place on a date or on social media, if the guy is not willing to show you to the world, he probably has some pretty dark reasons. This a red flag and either confess him about it or just understand that there is something fishy going on which you should just quit.

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