While everyone else is busy guessing the winner of Bigg Boss 11, it is Romit Raj who has come up with a beautiful post in support of his EX Shilpa Shinde. Contestants of Bigg boss 11 has almost crossed all limits this time!! From dragging the inmates to their family members to their past…this is all what they are doing inside the house!!

And in all this, one of them was Romit Raj (Shilpa’s ex) who was dragged into a fight between Shilpa and Vikas. For which Romit clearly stated that he was thankful for Shilpa, who never talked about her past and never even mentioned his name (before Vikas and Shilpa’s argument)

Whereas he felt a strong grudge against Vikas, who made him a part of all these controversies!! According to Romit, it was Vikas Gupta who bought his name between the argument for no reason. As Shilpa and Romit have always kept about their separation. But all this forced Romit to watch all episodes of Bigg Boss 11!!

Well, now he is just out of the mess and just have a simple and beautiful message for Shilpa. Recently in a post on twitter, Romit posted a message for Shilpa, in support fir her!!

Check out the post here-

That’s just so sweet of him!! We think this was really an amazing gesture of Romit for Shilpa. And one thing is clear, he is not affected by any rumors and controversies. This post clearly shows how much respect and love he has for Shilpa. No matter what their relationship was about, how it ended blah blah…it is just this post which melts everything!! So, what do you guys think about it?? Does he still deserve to stand against all the blame games?? Or should be praised for his support for Shilpa Shinde?

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