Hina Khan is undoubtedly the controversy queen of the Bigg Boss house. She has been keeping in news ever since she entered the Bigg Boss house. And that too for all the wrong reasons. From passing judgments about others, crying over petty issues to playing the game dirty, Hina has done it all. The actress surely doesn’t know how to build good relations as she has messed with almost every contestant in the house.

Just when we assumed that she would now control her blabbermouth as it is the last week of the popular reality show, she proved us wrong and went ahead to say something more shocking about a co-contestant.

In a recent video that is doing the rounds on social media, Hina Khan was seen sitting around the dining table, having her meal and telling a co-contestant about how ‘she’ talks like a call girl.

Check out the video in which Hina is seen calling someone a ‘call girl’:


As soon as the video went viral, people started flooding the post with hate comments. While some again lashed out at Hina, there were others who made it clear that she was possibly referring Shilpa Shinde as a call girl.

Here are some of the hate comments that Hina received after the viewers saw this video:


And that’s not all, even popular TV actor, Suyyash Rai came across this video and expressed his disappointment with Hina Khan. He took it to his official Twitter account and said, “I just saw this video where Hina is talking about some1 that she talks like a call girl,by any chance is she talking about Shilpa Ji …? Coz thats what Shilpa Ji’s fans are saying. If this is true,its disgusting while I was getting kinna ok with Hina,this happened. Really SAD!”

But this didn’t end here. Suyyash also went ahead to write another tweet in which he appreciated Vikas Gupta’s bond with Hina, but then also asked him not to feel insecure in the actress’ presence.

Here’s exactly what he wrote in his tweet, “It was good to see Vikas bonding with Hina n he being all sweet to her…But now when I see from the other side,hez also started looking a lil insecure Hina ke sath sath :/ Cummon GUPTA Ji…Lodh nee ae kisse di, kall hee bahot ae tu !!! #HarMaidanFateh @lostboy54″

Well, we really don’t know if Hina has genuinely referred Shilpa Shinde as a ‘call girl’ in this video or not, but this is surely going to affect the voting. What do you have to say about the same? Share your views in the comment section and stay tuned for more!


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