Every relationship demands mutual trust to thrive and grow in a healthy way. But a little lie here, a little lie there – does no harm. Here’s a list of 10 common white lies that most of the girls tell their boyfriends:

“I am fine”

No! Whenever she says that she is fine she is just not fine. At times she is just trying to check whether you care enough to ask twice or thrice. And other times she is in one of her bad moods and wants you to understand on your own that she needs your attention and love.  If you fail to understand this, you may land up in big trouble. So even when she constantly says she is fine, don’t trust her words. She is probably lying most of the times.

“I am not hungry”

You better order extra when you are out for a dinner with her. She might tell you that she is on a diet or that she is not hungry, but her hunger might strike her anytime. And there are times when she is hungry and about to eat something but just because you aren’t hungry and refused to have that triple layer cheesy pizza, she would totally change her statement. She doesn’t want to seem hungrier than a man. Being a girl she doesn’t want anyone to tell her that she’s as hungry as a bear.

“I am not jealous of your female friends”

Are you kidding me? No matter how cool she might try to act infront of you, she just can’t be that cool in real.  She is always jealous of every other female you meet except for her. She won’t admit being jealous, and will also ask you weird questions that totally justify her insecure nature. While you are out for a movie with your female friends, her mind is constantly occupied with negative thoughts of you leaving her over those bitchy friends of yours.  Even when she knows that she is just a friend, she won’t completely believe you and suspect your loyalty towards her.

“I will not take much time to get ready”

If she tells that it would take her 5 minutes to get ready, that’s a big fat lie. Her 5 minutes are equal to 2 or 3 hours. You just can’t expect her to be on time. She wastes most of the time on multiple dress trials until she finally gets to decide upon the right dress for the evening. And also when she’s done doing that, her makeup drama is yet to begin. So, never believe her when she confidently tells you that she’ll be on time because she won’t.

“I want you to have your own space”

There’s nothing called personal space for guys who have girlfriends. She would often tell you that she doesn’t mind giving you your space and would forget the same the very moment you plan to have some.  And how can you even plan for the same when she is constantly pestering you all day long. She says it just for the sake of saying it and also to prove that she is a nice girlfriend.

“I am not sleepy”

She’s sleepy the very moment she tells you she isn’t.  She says it so that she doesn’t piss you off when you are really in a good mood to talk to her. Even when she can hardly open her eyes and even struggles to see her phone screen, she would try to hold it for as long as she can. But she won’t admit it that she is sleepy until you yourself ask her to get some sleep on realizing that she’s only yawning on the phone.

“I was kidding”

Never believe her when she says that she was only kidding. Girls often say things that they truly mean and if they see that it hurts you, they’ll immediately change the subject by telling you that she was only joking. Even if she tells you a joke on men who don’t have time for their girlfriends, you’ve got to take it way too seriously. You need to understand that she is trying to indicate something to you.  You’ve got to assume it the other way even when she is constantly telling you that she didn’t mean it that way or you took it in a wrong way.

“I won’t get mad at you if you tell me”

She would reassure you again and again that she won’t get mad at you if you tell her about your genuine feelings for her. But that’s not true because if she can go mad at you for canceling plans with her or for making her wait, she would probably blow up like a volcano if you tell her something she just can’t digest. So whenever she asks if she is looking good or not, don’t be honest with her. Tell her that she looks great in everything because if you tell her the truth, she’ll burst into tears.

“I would never lie to you”

Telling “I would never lie to you” itself is a big lie. Don’t believe everything that she says to you. She might not be cheating on you, but there are certain things about which she does lie to you. And if you don’t want her to do so, you can either confront her about it or do something to make her trust you and tell you all the truth on her own. But if you also lie to her, she won’t feel motivated to tell you the truth.

“I forgive you”

No, it isn’t that easy. You can’t expect her to be okay and forgive you right after you have said something really stupid to her. No matter how many times she tells you that she has forgiven you, she’ll still taunt you for what you said. Even your sincere apology can’t do much about the wrong that you did to her. Although she does accept your apology, but her mind is still stuck there.



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