A relationship between two people is the best feeling but when it comes to an end it hurts the most. There is no one who wants to have a breakup. There is always a reason behind everything. If it happens it is for your own better. Your world doesn’t come to an end. Buck up! It’s time to recover yourself and have more fun in your life. Yes, agreed break ups are not easy, but the good news is that they definitely give you a learning experience.

There are many questions that come to the mind of people after relationship failure. But not to worry here are FIVE things you really should do after breaking up with a lover.


Remember the no contact rule after you break up. You should keep your distance and make sure not to chat, text a message, or drop an email with your ex. You should take them off from all your social media accounts it is the best solution for you to move on easily. If you and your ex decide to stay friends, create a space as right now you are you’re not looking for a friend who looks exactly like the person who broke your heart.


One of the best ways to get over a breakup is to go on a trip with your friends. If you are feeling down just book a flight now. Yes, we are not joking. Believe us, it will be the most therapeutic experience you can have. There’s nothing like a trip with your friends to give you that powerful boost of a fresh start and effective mental kick to feel good and rejuvenated. And maybe the trip change your fate. Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways.


“JUST GET OVER IT”. As soon as you will accept the failure of relationship it will help you more to improve your moods and overcome bad feelings. Firstly, you need to consider all of the reasons why you and your ex broke up. Thinking about the reasons will help you to understand why you have to move on. And a broken relationship has no future if both the partners do not share the chemistry. So, protect yourself and do not try to force a relationship unnecessarily.


Now, you would say that “I am suffering from depression so how would I be able to focus on work”. But the fact is as much as you engage yourself in work, the more you would be able to forget situations. This would help you focus on work, while ditching depression. And take as many challenges in your career as possible and dwell into the operational work. The most important tip to remember when dealing with heartbreak is to be kind to yourself.


It is highly possible that you will not feel like eating. Your appetite decreases tremendously. The reason is your depression, which triggers the hormones. However, our body needs energy to work and skipping meal is not the solution to heal with an emotional trauma. Your body becomes weak and you would feel sick. Thus, eat healthy food as it not only will keep you fit but also help you to fight the depression.

When a relationship ends, you may become more aware of what can be done or what to avoid the next time. Remember, all of us are flawed. We have to learn how we contributed to our relationship problems. Stop and ponder what you did to cause your loss. After going through some pain, and growth, you can feel more ready to start a meaningful life. Break ups can present an opportunity to develop so gear up and grab the opportunities waiting for you the next door.

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