We are all diverse beings with different personalities, mindsets, and backgrounds. Hence we date different types of guys. And you know as the popular saying goes, ‘You gotta kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince’. Though every guy is different and unique in himself, it’s safe to say that there are certain types of guys most of us must have dated at some point in our lives.

The one you’ll never get over

You might have dated a bunch of guys in your life, but this is one guy you’ll probably never get over. You both might have ended your relationship mutually but somehow he will always be present in your subconscious mind making you feel like somehow you weren’t good enough for him.

The one who was career-oriented

This is the guy who had his career on his mind and priority 24×7. He never prioritized anything (and you) above his career. Ironically, it was his focused and determined attitude that got you attracted to him in the first place.

The one who was clingy

This was the guy who you found caring and concerned at first. But after dating him for some time you realized what you thought was care and concern was actually clinginess and needy behavior. And this attitude drove you crazy at some point in time. You decided to call it quits with him when you felt he never gave you any personal space and constantly demanded attention.

The one who was too cool for school

This was the guy who never really conformed to any societal norms. His beliefs went against anything that you’ve had grown up believing. But to be honest you loved that about him. His ‘Don’t give horse’s hoot’ attitude and the way he always did what he felt right. But then you felt that he might be way too hipster for you two to ever be compatible.

The one who was a level up

This was that guy who was superior to you in everything. Intellect, social status, looks, education, personality and number of exes. This guy was always a level up than you. You sometimes felt inferior when you were with him. And he also was kind of a snob who never spared any chance of putting you down.

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