Summers are back again and we know that most of you might have already dived into the holiday mood. But before you book your tickets for that much-awaited relaxing holiday, don’t forget to pay some attention to your lovely hair.

While travelling, your hair tends to get more damaged and tangly. This happens because you are repeatedly exposed to sunlight. Also, since different regions have different water compounds, it can make your hair harder or thinner after each wash.

However, you can always take care of that and prevent your hair from permanently becoming dry and brittle by following a few tips before heading for your vacations. Scroll down and read the tips given below:

 Never colour your hair before going out on a holiday

Who wants to look plain and simple everytime? Everyone loves to add a tinge of quirkiness to their look before heading for a vacation. However, getting your hair dyed before leaving for a holiday doesn’t seem like a good idea. This is because while you are travelling, you don’t have enough time to pamper your hair and give them proper care and maintenance. And it is very important to give your hair enough care after you get them dyed. So, always opt to get your hair dyed after you have returned from your holiday.


Keep your hair as simple as possible

Avoid carrying curlers, dryers and straighteners while you are travelling. This way you’ll not only give your hair a much-awaited break from all the heating and burning but also get a chance to rock a natural and simple look. You can also try out some cool hairstyles like top knot buns, braids, half-ties etc. They would add life to your boring and usual look.


Braid your hair

There may be many fun hairstyles that you can opt while you are on the go, but there is none like the simple and easy braid. All you need to do is dampen your hair with some good amount of water, braid them and leave it overnight. And next morning when you are all set to head for your destination, open the braid and let it do the magic.


 Always carry a hair serum

While travelling your hair gets too frizzy and dry and this happens because you are repeatedly exposed to heavy pollution. And in this situation, a good hair serum can prove to be a saviour to your hair. It would not only provide enough nourishment to your hair but also give your hair the strength to stay on point even in adverse climates.


Dry Shampoos are a must have

Before leaving for a holiday, don’t forget to equip your travel kit with a dry shampoo. Washing your hair everyday can be a troublesome thing while you are travelling. Also, excessive shampooing is always unhealthy for your hair. This is why you should always carry a dry shampoo when you are out on a vacation.




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