It is not necessary that you find your sexual intercourse exciting all the time. There are days when it just doesn’t happen the way you expected to be. Also, there are certain problems that everyone faces during their sexual activity. And it is completely okay to discuss these problems with your partners and find out a solution together. This will not only make you feel comfortable but also take your relationship to a next level.

Scroll down and read these 6 sex problems you should talk to your partner about:

Unprotected intercourse

Having unprotected sex is a bad idea. It not just puts you into risk of getting pregnant but also of getting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. And what’s more important is that are you even comfortable with it? If not, it is best advised to talk to your partner about it and find a solution together.

Talk about Sexual Health

It is important for two partners to be open to each other about their sexual health when they are in a relationship. No matter how busy you and your partner are keeping in life, it is important to take out time and not shy away from discussing things that are hampering you or your partner’s sexual health.

The Frequency Talk

Partners should talk to each other and decide together about the frequency that suits the two of you. If your partner feels that it should happen everyday but you feel that it should happen once in a month, it is going to be a major problem for the two of you. Discuss it with your partner and make a sex schedule.

What turns you off?

It may be difficult to be straight-forward with your partner and reveal those things that you don’t like about him or her but it is necessary. Tell him or her if you have a problem with his or her stinky armpits, unshaved body hair, unbrushed teeth and how it completely turns you off when you both are in bed.

Sexual Discomfort

Sex is painful at times, and discussing about it with your partner shouldn’t be a problem for you. If you experience any sort of pain or sexual discomfort during your intercourse with your partner, be vocal about it. You should not do something for which you are not mentally or physically prepared.

Sex during your period

If you crave for period sex just like any other women, you should talk to your partner about it and figure out a way to try it. Sex during your period can be messy but it gives immense pleasure.


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