Shahid Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter’s mother, Neelima Azim is on cloud nine these days. And her sons are very much the reason behind her happiness. Other than Ishaan’s outstanding performance being widely admired in Majid Majid’s Beyond The Clouds, Neelima has another reason to feel happy now. And the reason is Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput.

Last week, Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira Rajput announced about expecting their second baby with an adorable post and the netizens went into a tizzy.

The duo took it to their respective social media accounts to announce about the arrival of their second baby with an adorable picture. In the picture, their little princess Misha was seen posing beside a beautiful chalk art of balloons with ‘Big Sister’ written on top, which was enough to hint everyone about Mira expecting another baby. It is being said that their baby will be a September or October born.

Recently in an interview with a leading web portal, when Neelima was asked to open up about becoming a grandmother for the second time, she expressed, “I am very excited and happy and so looking forward to my second grandchild! I am very happy for Misha too as she will have a sibling and a playmate. Now the family will be complete. The kind of happiness that Misha has given all of us and given me has been amazing! Misha is my world so I am very excited to have another grandchild! When you hold a little baby in your arms everything fades away and only a huge feeling of gratitude remains.”

Neelima also revealed how the sex of the baby has never mattered to the family. She said, “It doesn’t matter to us whether the baby will be a boy or a girl – it should be healthy. I have two wonderful sons and they are such good and loving boys that I never felt I lacked in anything. Shahid and Ishaan had an age difference of 13 years and then I used to want a daughter. When I heard that Mira had delivered a little girl I was over the moon. Now I have a lovely daughter in Mira and a granddaughter. Everything has turned out very well and now we are looking forward to the little one. God is great!”

Talking about her sons’ (Shahid Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter) recent performances, Neelima said, “Shahid has given such a dignified and restrained performance in Padmaavat, even in spite of the fact that he didn’t really have the author-backed role in the film but has shown his sheer mastery and skill over his craft. He looked so regal in the movie. What I loved about the fact was that he was so emotionally and mentally involved in the film and with his character. I am very proud of him.”

She further said, “As far as Ishaan is concerned, he has arrived like no newcomer has. Look at the kind of write-ups and accolades he has got. People are calling him best actor, etc. It’s fantastic! I was shocked when I saw Ishaan in Beyond The Clouds – the reason being that however good any newcomer will be, he won’t have the mastery over his craft as I saw Ishaan have. He is brilliant in the film. Ishaan is too accomplished for a newcomer. I really think what he has done in his first film that even for me as another actor and artiste and not as a mom, I was absolutely stumped. I had expected a lot from him but he completely took me by surprise which is the general reaction to him.”

On being asked whether she got emotional after watching Ishaan’s debut film, Neelima expressed,“Yes. The mother in me took over and I got emotional. I cried, of course, watching him and knowing what kind of hard work he has put in. I also know his journey in life and what sort of person he is. All that made me emotional – it’s been a long walk for Ishaan. I have always told my sons never to get discouraged by anything they face as actors – like a film that doesn’t do too well or when you see the film and feel that you are a part of a bad film or when you realize that great injustice has been done to you when you were in front of the camera or your co-actors etc. There is nothing in this world that should discourage you because life is beyond success, failure, fame and glory… There is so much more to life and an artiste’s journey is a lovely one. We should just be happy that we are doing what we love doing.”